I like how my friend Sarah uses this acronym to coordinate the rhythm of her days with her son. 





EASY. Repeat. 

I like this rhythmic pneumonic. Sometimes we  even follow it. He does like to play on his waterproof mat after breakfast. We do our tummy time. Mummy’s involves yoga and planks. Lake goes in for cooing and smiles. 

It’s just that often Lake and I, we tend to blend all the EASY together. I’m doing my errands or visiting the zoo, and he’s hanging out in the Baby Björn these days. He eats, sleeps, and has his activities which include looking around, getting mummy kisses, making friends and hanging out. He cycles through the EAS’ at his own pace while I’m doing the Y. When we are out all day, we do take rest stops during the activity phase. Mummy can change his wet nappies. He likes his chance to wiggle, stretch out and relax. 

Lake kicking it in the Woodland Park gazebo.

We keep it EASY in our own way. 

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