Saturday Night Date night out with Daddy on Capitol Hill. We walked around Volunteer Park and discussed the city council’s proposed city parks use rule change. Its a challenging situation facing the city of Seattle, I acknowledge that, but opening our parks up to camping essentially takes a limited and prized resource and removes it from the public enjoyment. So, it’s on my to do list: write the Seattle City Counsel members a letter by Monday (tomorrow, now) prior to their proported meeting/vote on Tuesday. This email should provide a compelling argument to preserve parks’ no camping rule so more people are able to enjoy a spot of nature which is intended for all. Lake likes to spend time outdoors in our neighborhood parks. Especially since we choose to live in a tiny [carbon] footprint urban condominium flat. Unfortunately our next door neighbor park, Christy Park, has been essentially taken over by the transient populations this summer so that we often find ourselves no longer made to feel welcome there. To permit camping would likely further remove this parks’ accessibility from our reach. It was with this perspective we appreciated and reveled in the feelings of grandeur and peaceful enjoyment preserved in Volunteer Park. 

We continued to amble about Capitol Hill. 

We ate at one of Michael’s old haunts Hana sushi. It won the esteemed honor of best dinner out in a loooooong time. We took the Link light rail there and back. A capital urban experience with a capital kid. 

Lake takes it all in stride. Of especial note, he learned to laugh this weekend. So much fun! Maybe ’cause Daddy keeps things funny! Even in the face of serious stuff. 

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