Mt. Rainier Part III 

I just can’t get enough of this! The mountain was shrouded in mist this morning creating a different kind of enchantment. Lake and I went back up to the Skyline Trail via the Golden Gate Trail this time. We were just going to head up to Myrtle Falls after breakfast, 

This video doesn’t exist

but the mountains beckoned and we just kept going. The vaccinium huckleberry leaves painting a brilliant red mountainside. 

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We saw two black bears! A mama and her cub. My favorite! They entirely made my day. And waterfall after waterfall after waterfall!

This video doesn’t exist

For this jaunty excursion I had my running shoes on and no backpack or water. Shhh… but like I said, we were just going up to the falls that are a third of a mile away. To get a breath of fresh air. We went quick and light, stopping often for photograph opportunities, and to take in full enjoyment with all of our senses. The feeling of the Freedom of the Hills was with me strongly. Lake loved it too!

Happy Hiker!

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