Little Big Foot

“Lake is very charming, even when he is not.”

“I’m so hot! Whew. Maybe I should take the heating pad off.”

“Lake had several visitors today. Several walking buddies. We’re developing this pattern where after I feed him, really good, and change, we stuff him in the sling. Then Nana takes him out for two hours so I can sleep. We both sleep for two hours. Nana got three walks in today. They walked with Laura Ng in the morning to Gasworks Park. And Lake got to go up to the Ave with cousin Laura and check out the scene, and came home with some takeout from Thai Tom’s.”

“Looks like he’s a lady’s man!  You know what they say about tiny babies with big feet! They like to eat, so they can grow into them just like puppies.”

“There’s a spit up coming on, Lake. You think you’re just a bottomless pit but you’re not!”

“I just have one final joke about breastfeeding. You know you’re in deep when dried spit up and breast milk leaks in your hair.. And you decide that it is giving it texture and body.”

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