Urban Craft Uprising 

The Urban Craft Uprising is an event that’s held biannually in the Exhibition Hall at the Seattle Center. Auntie L and I had gone in December while Lake was still in utero. I got a knit maternity dress designed and made by a couple from Portland with the label Make it Good. The woman was wearing this particular dress and expecting as well, a few months further along than I. She was sweet and gave me the maternity discount and promised it would stretch and fit well all through pregnancy. That held true. And it’s understated enough that it could be worn everyday if necessary, dressed up or down with different accessories. Wonderful dress: packs well, travels well. Only downside: what works for pregnancy doesn’t necessarily work for breastfeeding. Whole different ballgame. Needs buttons, zippers, snaps, or wraps. Needs access. 

We enjoyed browsing the booths filled with talented and engaging artisans and craftspeople. The vendor Make it Good was back today for the summer event. Now their son is two months old. I was excited to see if she had a new design. Nope! Unfortunately for me, their new line is going to be baby clothes. Just what I don’t need: more expensive baby clothes, aside from my weakness for Petit Bateau. They grow so fast; thank goodness for lovely well stocked hip urban baby consignment shops! Hello Seattle!

We had a good adventure. We took the bus! Lake’s first bus ride. And then we walked through the Seattle Center to Pike Place Market to check out a boutique Auntie L had her eye on. Alhambra is well curated with beautiful textiles of summery blouses and designerly sheer cashmere sweaters. Pretty jewelry from an artist in Turkey. Oh well, easier on the pocket book since it looks like we’re moving into a no jewelry period as my son is beginning to grasp at my delicate necklaces. 

Lake did swell though! I think it helps that he’s so cute and little; he draws a lot of positive responses. He’s a great little walking companion too. He falls asleep and then when he wakes up he gets a warm snack on tap. And then he stretches and falls back asleep. This is the life! Thanks for the charming day Auntie L!

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