The Life Aquatic 

The Life Aquatic 

For Lake’s one month birthday on Wednesday the 29th he got to meet his Auntie Kendra and her family including his boy cousins, ages 2.5 and 5.5! They are down visiting from Ketchikan, Alaska for a few weeks with delightful husband Simon and charming father-in-law Rob, both from England. We planned to all meet at the aquarium, but by the time we got ourselves out of the flat and arrived there by bus, the Ketchikan boys were already done, and ready for the gift shop (“toy store”)… So Michael and I gave the front desk our licenses and got to go inside for free to meet his family at the gift shop. On the way there we were forced to pass by the cool tank with Diver Kim and all the coho, eels and other aquatic delights. 

We snuck a looooooong peek. Tasty treat! We will be back when a) We have more time or b) Lake is awake and can appreciate the seals and otters and jellys and octopus a bit more. 

Then we went to Red Robin for a big family lunch. I discovered the Wedgie Burger, a terrible name for my favorite way to eat a burger: no bun, wrapped in lettuce leaves instead. I was also delighted to find that my husband’s sweet potato fries were bottomless. So here while I thought I was being so mischievous stealing the last few fries, poof, I earned myself a whole fresh basket full. I said, 

Oh, is this cheating?

He said,

No, it’s winning!

I love my husband! Much to his sister Auntie Kendra’s disappointment, however, Lake wasn’t much of a party goer. He hid out pretty much the whole time in his cozy K’tan wrap. Kind of an anticlimactic birthday. Good thing we will be spending Fourth of July weekend with them on Bainbridge Island. We promised Auntie and Grandma Julie lots of baby holding then.

Ice cream from Cupcake Royale down on the pier after lunch. We got the kids sufficiently messy and sugared up and then they ran off for the ferry back to Bainbridge for more summer fun with Grandma Julie. 

Loving the moment: Summer Bliss at 2.5 years old…

What’s your favorite summertime memory or continued indulgence?!