Road Tripping!

Lake is all ready to go! Mummy and Lake are heading to Black Butte Ranch near Sisters to meet up with best friend Kindricks. We get on the road by 11:00am. He sleeps four hours and we get through the Seattle-Tacoma-JLMB-Olympia and Portland traffic before he wakes up in Oregon!! We spend a full hour at the rest area just north of Woodburn. Time passes quickly with an infant!

We make it to Eugene, they pump our petroleum at the station, then a few hours a mountain pass of 3000′ and two more stops with a baby blowout at each one brings us to a (foggy) viewpoint of Mt. Washington. 

A bit of unremitting wailing which feels like much longer of course. Maybe the elevation is getting to his ears?! Will breastfeeding help? We will find out!

Success! We arrive at Black Butte Ranch. The air smells so fresh and sweet with pine forests all around. We sleep well and everyone in the house enjoys our “ocean-front property” sound projection.  Thank you for your generosity in inviting us to join in your family vacation Kindricks! We love you! We are looking forward to a few days of many baby-hungry hands around! …and fresh air and tennis and yoga and swimming…!