Happy Fourth of July!

Our little “All American!” We are trying to raise him as a sensitive ecologically minded global citizen. In spite of our penchant for complaining about the various American foibles, we do enjoy our freedom here in this utopian part of the country. Grandma Julie, meanwhile, from the comfort of her cozy home and Bainbridge bed enjoys all her boys gathered around her to the fullest!

My husband and I have a little mellow island fun walking around near the water, avoiding the big community parade this year. Time is already passing quickly and we relish Lake’s babyness. We see from looking at Lake’s cousins that the time for parades will come soon enough!

Enjoying our independence of sorts… hands free! Care free! At least for the weekend shared with family. Feeling festive, restful and reflective all at the same time. Let us be beacons of light and love in the world.