The Voracious Mr. Cat

Diaper Genie

I find it curious that Mr. Cat, who has a famously voracious appetite, has no interest in breast milk. Here’s a cat who has to have a special food bowl to slow him down​ and will try to attack any available foodstuffs that aren’t locked up. I suppose it’s a blessing not to have him stalking me and kneading all over me, but I still find it curious. And I miss out on the convenience of him cleaning up after me as I leak all over the place. Yes, since my main job right now is skin-time feeding Lake, summertime business casual is…yes. 

New discovery: Mr. Cat also doesn’t prefer the TJ’s eggplant hummus: too much eggplant, not enough hummus! Yet another reason it’s my new favorite hummus variety (although it can’t hold a candle to Cafe Turko’s hummus); it gives me a bit of reprieve from trying to fend him off while breastfeeding and trying to eat lunch. All in all he’s a solid cat friend: a keeper. 

At least he maintains his standards… unlike some of us, who feel them slipping a bit further each day. You know you’re in deep when you use the cloth diaper you get wet to clean your baby up up in the morning as a hot compress to wash your face. You can’t resist it feels so inviting. Then afterwards you apply his diaper cream as your morning face anti-aging serum. Then you finish with being back to using said diaper to clean him up… business as usual. Fresh nappy, fresh mummy!

Mr. Lake, nearly ten pounds!