Vitamix Living

Lake’s two month birthday present arrived today. How exciting! Mr. Silky feels it too. 

We’ve been anticipating this moment for quite some time now. We are celebrating with watermelon agua fresca whipped right up in the new Vitamix and a movie night. It’s so hot we decide to stay with the theme and watch Walkabout, a thoughtful 1971 film set in the Australian outback. The agua fresca is necessarily refreshing. It hits the spot! Our new baby food maker is proving its worth right out of the box. Michael claims it makes him feel instantly elevated, especially combined with our InstantPot and Glassybaby collection. Ahhh… we’ve arrived at the ultimate in appliance lifestyle. It’s even better shared with friends during our little impromptu party.  

Of course it is also quite exciting that Lake is two months old today. He’s a perfect human being; working so hard at living and growing. We love him so much. Lake, we are glad you arrived and are here with us now.