Ten Essentials

This morning I topped off Lake, changed his nappy, handed him over to my fantastic husband and walked up to practice vinyasa yoga for the second time this week at We Yoga. It was fantastic! I’m aware of how hard I’m working during yoga to get my practice back and figure it’s a corollary for life. It’s empowering and I’m so proud of my efforts. I’m up to walking an average of 4 miles per day now, ranging from 1 to 7.5 miles a day this week. I’m incredibly grateful for my opportunities and infrastructure. I can’t help but think our building’s walk score of 94 has a significant effect on my quality of life. This afternoon we wandered up through the University District Farmers market (I loaded up on local organic kale, Swiss chard, berries and stone fruits!) on our way to Arayas beautiful vegan lunch buffet with a visiting friend. Lots of good nutrition there! I’m also wearing the abdominal brace (e.g. Belly Bandit) for the third day now after my naïve two week hiatus and already I notice a huge difference in my shape. I wear it day and night and even wore it to yoga! It brings to mind that I’d like to share what is working well for me, allowing me to have an overall positive early maternity leave experience. So without further adieu here are my ten essentials including favorite equipment and services for enjoyable introduction to motherhood:

  1. Baby K’tan carrier easy to get out and about for earlier walking adventures
  2. Belly Bandit to reduce pain, provide support and get figure back
  3. Pharmax HLC neonate probiotic supplement to optimize baby’s early digestion 
  4. Nipple salve versatile all-purpose  ointment to soothe and protect nipples, as well as baby’s diaper area, cradle cap and mummy’s face cream in a pinch!
  5. Baby Diaper Service for sanity and sanitation 
  6. Rinseworks handheld sprayer for pericare 
  7. MyBaby sound machine for ocean front property experience 
  8. Button up shirts, knit skirts, shirt dresses, cashmere cardigans, and zippered jumpsuits for breastfeeding 
  9. The intangibles: Nana for naps/early post-partum support and several hours reprieve. Friends/Babysitters for support and several hours reprieve (I started at four weeks). PEPS group (started at 1 week), loving husband/engaged partner. 
  10. Exercise! For me that has been as able: walking at 2 weeks, yoga and pilates at 4 weeks, …running at 6 weeks? Carpe diem!