Sunset on the Cascades and the Lake Washington boats sail in for the night
Last evening Lake and I shared a few peaceful transition moment down on Lake Washington by the UW Waterfront Activities Center. This warm evening reprieve from the hot day was especially refreshing coming after a long and difficult 24 hours of distinctly non-“Newman Lake time” yesterday. We had a rough close of day Sunday night encountering significant congestion from Cle Elum home due to construction and accidents, then juggling the unloading of the car with Lake unhappy to be helping and unhappy to be sitting it out too. The next day post-holiday Blues of unpacking, house cleaning, and grandparent withdrawals set in. Not having Nana and Grandpa’s extra sets of loving hand and heart and smiling interfaces around put us in a challenging adjustment period of being back home in the city. 

So it was in this frame of mind that we found ourselves exhausted and spent, feeling near overwhelm. Then suddenly we are back at the water’s edge feeling the gentle rocking of the waves, the sounds of the lapping and the boats. I find it so interesting what a different environment being on or near the water creates. Simply walking out onto the dock is calming. I forget that this access point to a new perspective is so close really, only a few blocks away. 

Lake’s feet enjoying the view from his K’tan hammock

Evening by the lake turned to night, and somewhere in there we seemed to hit our reset button. The house is tidy. The laundry is queued. The kitchen and bathroom are clean. It is good to be home with Daddy again. My husband is a very good listener. That played no small role in lessening our burden. And then today dawns a brand new day. 

We are resilient and ready for resuming our urban adventures! First day for the Baby Björn! Lake and I celebrate this shared milestone with matching outfits and several play dates. 

Look at me! I can see!