Work Play Balance

We went in to work today. Ostensibly to pick up some paperwork for Lake’s insurance enrollment, but it was primarily a social call. We had to introduce Lake around and say hello to all our work friends. He’s two months old already! 

Unbelievably, he slept through the entire excursion: four hours in the middle of the day. Nothing like wanting to show him off and then he’s all curled up and sound asleep… completely hidden. Ah, well, it seemed like people got the gist of his size and babyness even without being able to hold or interact with him. 

After “work” we went and played tennis. What fun. It’s a good feeling: getting back in the game. Auntie Lindsay met us at the courts to take Lake out of harms way. They went “Lindsin’ around” as Michael likes to say. 

Thank you friends for the wonderful day!

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