We live in such an amazing area of the globe. Lake and I have a lot of great adventures awaiting from our doorstep. Portage Bay and the Montlake Cut are just blocks to the south. Greenlake is walkable to the northwest. Gasworks and Lake Union are less than a mile down the Burke Gilman trail to the west, and Lake Washington and the University of Washington Link station are just a mile along “The Burke” to the east. From there the sky’s the limit (literally, given the Link light rail to SeaTac international Airport). Lake is surrounded by beautiful accessible water in every direction!

Today we enjoyed the easy access to Elliot Bay and Puget Sound by walking to and riding the Link to Pioneer Square. One of my newfound hidden gems in this city is the King County water taxi. From Pier 50, for just a few bucks with an Orca card, one can take the passenger water taxi to Vashon Island or Alki. Lake and I took the latter taxi today to meet up with some of our PEPSers friends to walk the Alki Beach promenade. It is indeed a gift to have such lovely intelligent accomplished new mummy friends to get together with in the middle of the day in the middle of the week! We had a great time. Michael and I had basically done that same outing together a few days ago on Sunday, but what a treat! I never get tired of our abundant urban playground. 

I just get tired, period! Another eight mile day wearing my 12 pounder and plenty of added sunshine! When we arrived back home after our full day of adventuring, the Vitamix aided me in consuming an entire watermelon!

Yum! Thank you for the perfect day, Lake. You’re such a good sport!

2 thoughts on “Urban Playground

  1. An entire watermelon!!! I LOVE watermelon and have wondered if one could eat too much of it. I guess not! Love you and your adventures! What does PEPS stand for? Pami

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