I actually made a kale salad with fresh picked kale. With my lovely barnacle it’s challenging these days to find the time and spare arms to eat, much less to prepare foods like chopping vegetables. Small victory! Kale power! Happy mummy; happy bébé! Kalerific!

The inspiration came when we were out in Fremont yesterday. We were on our family friendly “forced-march” in the hot sun. We walked the Burke Gilman trail to the Flying Apron Bakery and Café for some GF vegan cake. This is where our delicious lemon wedding cake came from (Thank you Grandma Julie!)… By the time I get to FA I’m usually so hungry I miss my opportunity for dessert and have to get a wholesome savory item like their pizza or lasagna. Everything always looks so good!

Yesterday I had the broccoli crunch salad and it was so delicious! I came right home and against all odds whipped up my own version of the sesame kale salad pictured above. It marinated overnight and we got to enjoy it for our quick and easy nutritious lunch today! Now we are all powered up… for some impromptu acroyoga! Gratitude toward Michael for being such a thoughtful devoted partner and for keeping things fresh!

Custom quirky birthday artwork by Sarah Pulver 2015

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