This weekend Michael invited me out for a hot date. 90F hot.  A chance to put on heels and a fitted skirt. We went for a Saturday night date in Greenwood at the Olive and Grape. Lake came along as our third wheel. 

We had a great time chatting about movies, Swedish culture, pregnancy tourism, school supplies, trapper keepers specifically, and such. We enjoyed some delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Lake was a very content dining companion, quietly looking around, being easygoing. He was dressed up to coordinate with mummy’s outfit, but we kept him in his car seat for easy storage at the restaurant so it’s hard to see his madras shorts. Michael maintains that his life hasn’t changed much since having Lake, that it changed most significantly when we got married. Lake has just been an extension of being married, more Tolle. Maybe on account of my habit of camouflaging him in a matching outfit? Or Lake being such an amazing little guy!

Afterward we ran into Davey, the owner of Family Cycles and chatted with him about his cool bicycle built for three. He kindly took our picture in front of it. We thought it would be a dreamy ride for our next threesome. 

This date, well we wrapped it up without a hitch. Date night win!

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