Sunday afternoon found us enjoying a peaceful visit with Grandma Julie and Grandpa Greg on Bainbridge Island. Laid back. Nothing too complicated. Beating the heat. Innocent summertime fun. 

The Bainbridge Grandparents are the reigning Squash Royalty, e.g. Julie, Queen of the Trombetti. Grandpa Greg also revealed he is the resident “house spider.” He eats bugs, Lake! He pops the wings off flying termites and… *tasty bite* 

Tastes like almonds!

I watched it happen! What?!

The garden was so much fun to explore and hang out in. I love how the earth turns seeds, with the help of soil and water and air, into solar powered food. And then how my body goes ahead and turns around the garden fresh produce into Lake’s food. Miracles! We picked and prepared a big feast for dinner. 

We left Lakers with these two characters and slipped down to the beach. We goofed around like we were the kids for a moment. Michael gave me a jogging piggy back ride; we bounced along the pebbled shore shouting gleefully. 

Ah, August afternoon!

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