Lake is three months old today! Its amazing to think how far we’ve come on this journey together in such a short time, really. It’s incredibly special to have been on his team from the very beginning. We continue to be delighted and enthralled as he becomes more and more interactive. 

It’s a bit of a tradition now to take his picture in the charming mermaid tail from Carole Huey that was knit by her friend Barb. It’s pretty stretchy but I’m not sure how much longer Lake will be able to wear it. He’s already 25″ and growing out of his six months outfits. He slept his first full night in his own bedroom last night after spending a few months sleeping in the kitchen nook. 

He still has the sweetest disposition, is so communicative and easy going, and is a champion sleeper enjoying “doing his nights.” Such a keeper; we are not throwing this fish back! Look at you grow, Lake!

One month old.
Two months old.

Three months old.
And still growing strong!

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