Cold Wet Socks

Feeling down? Feeling congested? Oh no, you’re sick! You know the best thing to do is to rest and get some sleep, but you’re a new mum! That makes sleep hard enough on a normal night, but it’s especially hard to sleep now that you’re sick and congested. As soon as bébé turns out like a light, you finally have the chance to rest, and… boom! You lie down and the congestion settles in for the night as well. You can’t breathe. 

Dr. Doctor Mummy is here today as a “guest blogger” to help you out of your predicament. Zoom! The solution is socks! Cold wet socks to be sure! It draws the congestion out of the sinuses, increasing blood flow to the feet, and even giving your immune system a little boost. Try it for a good nights sleep. You’ll feel so much better in the morning. It’s safe and works for bébé too!

What you need:

  1. A thin pair of cotton socks
  2. A thick pair of wool socks
  3. Cold tap water

What you get: 

  1. A drug free, cheap, simple solution. Read: elegant. 
  2. A safe and effective treatment. 
  3. A good night’s sleep!


  1. Make sure your feet are warm, take a hot bath or shower if needed. 
  2. Wet the thin cotton socks thoroughly under the tap, wringing them out well. 
  3. Put them on. 
  4. Put wool socks on over the wet cotton socks. 
  5. Go directly to bed. 
  6. The socks will be warm and dry in the morning. 

Sweet Dreams, and a speedy recovery to you!

Get well wishes from Lake.

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