I’d like to take a moment to appreciate Nana being in town, and also the Mobile Milkies Unit (MMU), not to be confused with the SMU, the Stationary Milkies Unit which is great for breakfast and nightcaps. I didn’t realize, but it seems that it’s a unique and useful skill to be able to nourish my bébé on the go. Lake and I have mastered the MMU lifestyle. This allows us the freedom to be more mobile, and, we think, to simply have more fun!

MMU in action… loads of fun!

Here we are at the zoo today! My goodness the tigers were a stand-out this afternoon. And that’s quite an honor considering we also had great visits with Yola, the 9 months old gorilla baby, and the two snow leopards. 

Intense tiger in action!

And it was such an extra special treat to spend the time with Nana just back from Norway. Lake says, “Next time take me too, Nana… I’m mobile!” Indeed he is. And a sweetheart at that. 

Extreme cuteness and our own feline (in)action at home.

A perfect day. I’m glad I spent it with you!

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