Slept Like a Baby

Getting pho with Daddy after work last night. Full-on Sickie Face.

And then… He slept like a baby! 

Lake slept nine hours straight through last night, from 10pm to 7am. I did ask Michael to check on him when he got up this morning for work, to make sure he was still alive. Michael didn’t seem to think that was an unreasonable request, and said he would and report back to me. 

He just sneezed! I heard him. 

Ok, perfect. 

It was such an about face from the night prior, where he was waking up crying every few hours, that we were full of relief and gratitude. And if anything he had been more congested yesterday evening than the day before. This morning I woke up, not to his crying, but to his cooing. My breasts were hugely engorged with milkies so I’m thinking: he’s got to be ready for breakfast. The little trooper!

We had pulled out all the stops. 

  1. Pharmax HLC Neonate probiotics (’cause why not?)
  2. Hyland’s Teething tablets (what the heck?)
  3. Nose Frida (we did it!)
  4. Wet sock treatment (see 8/30/16 post “Cold Wet Socks”)

The Nose Frida was clearly instrumental, as in it immediately allowed him to breastfeed without a struggle, without fighting for air. It had been a gift from my inspirational best friend, Auntie Jessica, and had been hanging out in a clear box in our bedroom ever since: staring at me, mildly threateningly. Waiting. It’s Swedish design, by a Swedish pediatrician, made in Sweden. So we want to love it. It’s just out of reach. A bit intimidating. “The snot sucker…” Well, last night we reached the necessary critical snot threshold, just what we needed to motivate us to take it out of the box and give it a go. We are glad we did. It was super straightforward. 

This morning Lake woke up with his cozy Icelandic wool oversocks on his feet staring up at his sailboat mobile as it gently undulated above him (both were gifts from Nana). Dry hot pink thin cotton socks, (these were a hand-me-down gift from Auntie Jessica’s girls), no longer wet, under the thick wooly ones. Cozy and happy in his bed.

Good Morning Sickie Sunshine!

4 thoughts on “Slept Like a Baby

    1. Thank you! He’s still a volcano of snot, but he’s not minding it a bit. He’s got good genes; it’s hard to squelch his exuberant spirit. The makings of a fine mountaineer!


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