Littlest SupperClubber

This evening marked our first SupperClub of the season. SupperClub was born out of some time in 2014 spent Lindsin around.  She expressed wanting to find an avenue for creating more community in our grown-up urban lives. I supported that and monthly SupperClub was “branded” and launched with rotating hosts and usually between six and twelve diners. We’ve shared many interesting meals, guests and discussions over the years. Always vegetarian and always a good time. 

Tonight Lindsay hosted and we gathered in Meridian Park for a brave end of “Summer” barbecue. We had our autumn layers on and stayed until after dark. It was a festive affair filled with gales of laughter and camaraderie. Thank you for hosting Lindsay! 

See you all again next month. We nominated Lake to host. He’s contemplating mac and cheese. 

Grill Master Lindsay creating her vegetarian masterpiece.
And for dessert… grilled pineapple. Yum!
Littlest SupperClubber cozy in his cashmere.

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