Lucky Star

My Swiss friend’s husband calls her his lucky star. Ever since they are together things go well for him and their family. Everything always works out beautifully. ⭐️ I find this to be a dear and compelling sentiment. 

Yesterday Michael was saying how well things are for us and was complimenting me for my part in orchestrating it all. He’s very good at being supportive and knowing what I would find encouraging. 

It’s true, we are feeling rather blessed. There have been an almost exponential rate of changes this past year and we are keeping up with ourselves quite well. We have yet to unpack or hang our artwork in our new home, but otherwise we are enjoying a homey satisfaction. We have a growing number of dependents who seem pleased and content. What a good feeling!

Today the café trivia at Diva Espresso was:

The name of which plant, cultivated for its edible leaves, comes from Latin word for milk, because of its milky leaves?

Can you guess it botanical friends? The barmen exclaimed I was the only one all day who had gotten it right. I was thinking maybe that I would win a month’s free espresso, after all I even remembered to Rabbit Rabbit this morning. 

No, just bragging rights…

…the barmen lamented. Apparently the lucky star only extends so far. I’m not complaining; such a perfect day! Thank you world! Thank you stars! And, thank you Grandpa for knowing over the phone just how to reconnect the thermostat that accidentally got switched off today on such a beautiful clear and so cold night! I love you!