Kitty Bricks 

Our fenced backyard isn’t quite cat proofed. There are significant gaps between the bottom of the fence and the gentle sloping grade of the ground. So we have been dreaming of fencing fortifications ever since we moved in late last year. When I spotted these while walking home from yoga this weekend, neither Michael nor I could resist. Suffice it to say we scavenged some bricks from the neighborhood build site for a romantic Sunday night date night. 

Lake helped of course!

The kitties can’t wait for spring and the prospect of going outside!!!

Hello hair!

This weekend I discovered one of our neighborhood hair salons was having a grand launch party with free food and haircuts. What fun… so we all got our hair cut! What a festive day!

I went first

Then Jo

Lake watched and had some free food too! 

Thank you Suong (Susan), we love our spring cleaning trims!

We even came back with Michael when he got home from work! He looks super hot with his new trim. Hello Hair!