A fast mile in lady shoes. 

This has become my morning. “A fast mile in lady shoes,” as Michael calls it. And I’m getting faster. We’re referring to my morning commute. Specifically the mile I run to the shuttle stop in my work clothes carrying my purse with my lunch in it. I’m also getting sick of it. Always running behind. Always catching up. Literally running late. It’s challenging to manage my morning in a timely fashion. Especially when this is my world view:

This morning, however, was an improvement. This morning I had the time and space to make a hot shower and a cup of coffee in peace before my lovebug woke up. Never mind that I still ran that mile to the shuttle stop and while I was running my rice for lunch spilled all over into my purse. I did it with a smile though, and a joyful bounce. This springy attitude is what I’ve been missing lately. I’ve been consciously working to regain it, but working was the operative word here as mood and attitude can be funny elusive beasts, especially for being simply our choice. As my friend Lena likes to say, gratitude is like a muscle that can be strengthened with use. Even happiness is a discipline. So I ran my fast mile in lady shoes with bountiful joy today!