Snow Day

Michael charmingly called it a Shne Dag, his attempt at the German literal translation which would be Schnee Tag, but there is actually no such phrase on German. So it was pretty funny!

Lake loves a “Shne dag”

Planking under the snow-laden “pines”

My whole family kindly trooped in to work with me on the shuttle this morning. We were having such a fun Shne Dag morning that all of a sudden I had one of those crunch time realization moments where there isn’t enough time left to fit everything in, like crucial meals for the growing little one. So my family kindly accompanied me while Lake managed to fit in some more emergency rations… MMU (mobile milkies unit) style. Then when we arrived at Harborview they were able to take him back home with them on the shuttle again. Well, they short-stopped by Agua Verde for some adults’ edibles. Jo’s first taste of Mexican food, well, cuisine from the Baja Peninsula. Funny juxtaposition: Mexican food for a snowy day… but they reported it was such a beautiful view of Portage Bay in the snow though!

Testing: MMU goes in the snow!

Here we are walking to the shuttle stop with Jo and Michael this morning. I’m carrying a dinners drinking Lake!

A perfect “Schnee Tag“really… I’m glad I spent it with you!