All Nighter

It was one of those rarest of nights. I went to sleep at midnight. Lake woke up at 0100. He went to sleep at 0545, my alarm was set for 0730. Basically there was no sleep. I wasn’t even one to pull an all nighter in college. I simply refused to let anything interfere with my sleep like that. Now I don’t have the choice. But I’d choose him anytime, anyways. Any day. Any night. 

He woke abruptly with a pained cry. I don’t know what it was that had him with his pants in a bunch. I don’t even have any applesauce to blame it on. But that was what it reminded us of. He was screaming unless he was nursing, so nursing is what we did, for close to five hours. An all nighter. 

I was very mellow at work today. But just one look at a picture from Jo and Lake-they were having their own mellow afternoon-and it’s all worth it… no question. Pure Lake Love.