Hello, Body!

It’s a whole household effort to get me to yoga this weekend. Everyone appreciates when mummy goes to yoga, most of all me!

For Saturday I choose the 90 minute hot hatha yoga class. The one that humbled me last summer. Today it was a delight. The heat felt good. Especially after all the cold. It felt good to shed the layers. The big mirrors allowed me to really look at myself. See me. Say, 


I wore my turquoise short shorts and matching lululemon yoga bra top. I looked myself in the eye. I looked at my torso, I looked at my toes. I looked forward. I looked backwards. I looked at myself from one foot, and then the other. 

Hello, body! It’s nice to see you! Thank you for carrying me around and all the wonderful work you do on my behalf every day. I love you! You make me laugh with happiness. 

These sentiments Lake models for me every day. 

Sunday I woke up sore. So I chose the 90 minute Vinyasa class to work out the kinks. No mirrors for this style of class. The gaze was internal. 

Hello ribs! Hello neck! Hello toes! Hello feet! Hello knees! 

This weekend of focused yoga work was like putting myself in the washing machine. I was able to clean things out. Clear things up. Coming out fresh and clean… limp but renewed.