In my current insatiable-appetite-of-a-breastfeeding-mummy state I continue my quest for delicious gluten/dairy/egg free cheap eats around my North Seattle neighborhoods. I must say this somehow bright but humble unassuming Salvadorian establishment is quite a hidden (in plain sight) gem. And it’s only five blocks away from our flat! It is tucked away just off the Ave in the residential southwest University District (Guanaco’s Tacos Pupiseria, 4106 Brooklyn Ave NE #102). You order at the counter but the sweet server brought us the meal to the table, after what seemed like her mother cooked it fresh, and then she actually cleared our table, too. Refreshing! Delicious!

For a light dinner or afternoon snack for the hungry but physique-minded diner I recommend trying just one surprisingly satisfying pupusa. For $3.50 I enjoyed a hot fresh handmade thick corn tortilla filled with nopa, ayote y pollo. It came with a tiny side of vegan pickled coleslaw salad. Just right!

Happy mummy! Happy bébé!

(Okay, he’s still working on his social smile!)

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