Round Robin Tennis 

Well I did resume running at 6 weeks postpartum. It was just on the tennis court. So triumphant to get back out on the court! My Kindrick friends were incredibly supportive and maintaintained a round robin tennis approach, handing off Lake like a relay baton while I kept my eye on the ball. Last up was Papa who gave me a few solid pointers, a mini tennis stroke clinic! 

It was a whole new dimension to challenge my intellect with something to focus on: technique and strategic playing. The last and only tennis lessons I had were when I was nine years old. They gave me a surprisingly respectable foundation. I’m pretty surprised at how much fun I can have on the court with the few basics I learned nearly 30 years ago. This was at the behest of my grandparents enrolling my brother and me in city parks tennis lessons over the summer at Comstock Park in Spokane. Notable for how impressionable I was at that age, and that the lessons and exposure to art, dance, piano were all well invested. Note to self for Lake. 

But will he remember our visit to Woodland Park Zoo today?

Anyhow if anyone wants to play some tennis, here’s an open invitation to arrange a play date. Meanwhile now I can get back on the courts solo to practice my stroke technique. No excuses! For me though, it’s always more fun with a friend! It’s not about the winning, it’s about the playing and how much happiness tennis brings me!

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