Egregious Cuteness 

Saturday we three walked up to the University District Farmers Market to meet an old friend and shop the market together. It was fun! We were all baby carrying and optimizing efficiency as she pointed out, visiting while taking care of shopping errands. The organic apricots were definitely the seasonal highlight. Then we bumped into some new friends from the collective PEPS peeps who were also out cruising the market. Later in the evening our friend Lena came over to join us for our favorite German board game Agricola, our first post baby go of it. We talked and laughed and played and caught up on our daily vegetable intakes. As it turns out my attention was incredibly divided. I was primarily taking care of Lake. Yet even though I had an impossible time concentrating on the game, earning possibly the lowest score ever, I was grateful to be back in the game. Feeling gratitude for community!

Meanwhile Lake continues to deliver egregiously on the cuteness front. 

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