This morning Lake and I watched the sun rise over the forested ridge across the lake at 0545. It is quiet, save for the sounds of the birds, osprey, occasional bass jumping plop. The large waning moon is still prominent in the sky, cerulean blue, not a cloud in sight. The early morning mist is rolling off the lake. The air smells piney and fresh. A breeze is picking up, ruffling the deciduous leaved trees along the shore. A long train rumbles along in the distance. The resident bald eagle is keeping vigil from atop a tree on Priest Point at the end of Diana Bay. 

I feel the sun warming my shoulders. I stretch. I unroll my yoga mat on the dock savoring the sensations of the moment. My practice unfolds with a nearby spider managing her web as witness: Sun Salutations, Eagle, Sleeping Eagle, Mountain… When I roll up my mat, the eagle has taken flight, the coffee is ready and the great blue heron is fishing off Mike’s neighboring dock. 

Lake is tucked in for an early morning cuddle with Nana. I share coffee with my Dad on the front porch. A lone yellow jacket hums by for a reconnaissance. A few bass fisherman have cruised by on their way down to the lily pads at end of the lake. The sun rises higher. It’s still quiet. I want to elongate this day, this week, this moment, breathing in the goodness of the present. This is our sun salutation. This morning we are here. Tonight is for Daddy and the City of Seattle. With God and Lake as my copilots. A perfect day. I’m glad I’m spending it with you. 

One thought on “Sun Salutation 

  1. Dear dear Tolle, I love your writing and how you live your life! Newman Lake sounds wonderful! Hugs to Lynn and Duane from me, and hugs to you and Lake too. Safe travels to you my friend, Love, Pami

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