First Prize for Eyes

Lake has two big blueberry eyes. I thought it was adorable yesterday when my friend’s thoughtful and intelligent 8 year old daughter proclaimed:

Lake would get First Prize for Eyes.

Today those award winning eyes accompanied me on a full day of appointments. He got his zen on at mummy’s acupuncture visit, got weights and measures at the doctor and even went to the dentist. Don’t we look happy (and filled with relief!) about the fact that we made it through our first teeth cleaning together! His homework is to aid me in getting back to my twice daily dental care routine. The morning brushing got dropped these past few months and the teeth sat up and took notice today!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Greenlake staying cool in the shade by the water. We walked 6.5 miles today and boy I’m tired! Perhaps partially due to the heat and also owing to that he’s officially weighing 11.5 pounds now. 

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