Rabbit Rabbit 

Rabbit! Rabbit! Today is the first day of October!

We have this tradition in our family, and like many family traditions I suppose, no one is sure where or why or how it originated. We love it though; it’s like a game. The good luck game. The challenge is this: the first day of every month, the very first thing you say out loud to start off your day is 

Rabbit! Rabbit!

And the very first thing someone says by way of response is 

Rabbit! Rabbit!

And if you remember in time so that the very first thing you say out loud on that first day of that month is

Rabbit! Rabbit!

**then you can enjoy good luck all month!**

It’s twelve chances per annum to have a full lucky month. We make it fun in my family and my brother and I especially try to remember very early in the day to text each other different double rabbit icons to help each other maybe remember in time too!  It’s hard to believe how difficult it can be to remember to have 

Rabbit! Rabbit!

be the first thing spoken aloud in the morning. So many other words or thoughts or phrases can edge in ahead of

Rabbit! Rabbit!

without even intending to stray off topic. 

Good morning honey!

Bye honey!


What time is it?

What time are you leaving for work?

Oh, the sun’s out!

What time is it?

Is that Lake?

Argh, mmumff, what time is it?

Will you be an angel and make me a coffee?

Yipes! Rabbit! Rabbit!

Today the day broke with thunder and I heralded the morning with no one around to hear. But I remembered in time and sung the rabbit praises. What a cause for celebration! We’ve missed it the past few months. Lake has managed to garner all my waking thoughts and words. I’m feeling so blessed to have the good graces on October, now. And we could really use it as our house hunting continues! Meanwhile Nana and I had a glorious little walk down the peninsula with Lake and some autumn color. Great way to start the lucky month of October!

Rabbit! Rabbit!