Pot of Gold

This evening nature created quite a show. It had been really rainy this afternoon, and when it let up a rainbow appeared. I reflected on the riches of the lake and on being here with Lake and my parents: the penultimate gift of spending time with my family. 

The lake is incredibly still and quiet after a rain subsides and the summers’ amusements have officially passed. The setting resonates as wilderness at this time of year. It’s quite a treat to be sitting by the fire my dad built taking in the lakeside attractions: fire, clouds, lighting. I remarked that it feels like we are camping, to be out here at the lake this time of year, in October, the end of the season. Then because we have a snug cozy cabin and endless warm fires kept up in the hearth by my parents I further elaborated 


And grandpa made the addendum 


Ha! We think that’s pretty right on! We’ve found the pot of gold right here. Grampfire lakeside!

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While Grandpa held Lake, Nana and I lept into the red canoe and snuck in a paddle out into the misty dusk. The sliver of a new moon was just rising over the hillside behind us, and again the mist was rising up off the water all around us. It was enchanting. We breathed in the fresh air and the fading light and then turned and paddled back to our family’s cozy nest, our own pot of gold.