Taking care of business 

It feels like we have been out to sea for a long while. We are back in port, home now, and in a big way. Getting our land legs back under us. 

Taking care of business. House hunting. Home loan application paperwork. Disclosure documents. Inspections. Au pairs interviews. Home visits. Rain. Lots of rain. Mother in law. Husband. Open enrollment. Laundry. Rain. Closing dates. Holiday plans. Inspection reports. Fees. Water intrusion. Undermining. Heaving. Differential settlement. Slope. Aspect. Sloping. Low point. High point. Drip cap and belly band flashing. Earthquake Retrofitting. Anchor bolts. Earthquake insurance. Escrow. Property taxes. Light rail. Neutral or negative drainage at grade. R-value. Appraisal. Catchment. Physical therapy. Acupuncture. Well-child checks. Skype interviews to Sweden. Conforming. Non-conforming. Credit versus remedy. Repair. Points. Mutual acceptance. 


Like a song. Lake keeping time. Safe haven. Taking care of business.