Last CatFlat Supper(Club)

Making the squash soup pièce de résistance from scratch (whack!) earlier in the afternoon…

Tonight we had what will likely be our last SupperClub in the CatFlat. Thanks to all who attended it was a rousing good time! All of us were crowded around the dining table jammed full of mismatched chairs and every sittable surface was being sat upon. I bemoaned knowing there’s at least one, if not two, more leaves for this table somewhere out there in storage. I vaguely recall thinking that in the foreseeable future, what with Lake and the cozy quarters, we really wouldn’t be likely needing more that the three leaves that are currently extending our heirloom wedding table. The Last Supper came indeed as a pleasant surprise. 

We enjoyed a modest three course meal with squash from Carver Farms as the centerpiece. I roasted the squash while sautéing garlic and onions and prepared it into a thick soup for the main course. It was delicately seasoned with Herbes de Provence, lavender, truffle salt, Spicy Salt and steamed kale for contrast. 

Last SupperClub in the CatFlat

We have had many memorable dinner parties in this flat. One particularly special one was Christmas right after I bought the place in 2007 where my Grandmother, great aunt, uncle and cousins were all present. The theme was jewel tones and I recall peacock feathers capped the tablescape. Another very memorable dinner was Thanksgiving of 2009 which was beautifully plated and ended with a cheese course. My first cousins once removed brought the wine pairings so you get the idea of just how exquisite that feast was. Last year my uncle’s 70th birthday party was a jovially raucous affair, a champagne fête not soon to be forgotten! We look forward to continuing our family tradition of hosting memory-making dinners with Lake as migrate up the street to our soon-to-be new house in University Park next month. Meanwhile, Last CatFlat SupperClub was a night to remember!