Window Washing 

A few mornings ago I could no longer ignore that our windows were inexcusably coated in a film of grime. I had known this for a while. The difference was made clear from where in setting up the projector screen we had brushed against the windows revealing a clean streak. So with respect to this truth, window washing had been on my to do list for a number of months now. 

Earlier this week I was feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly endless administrative duties and house purchase anxiety. I was in strong need of a game changer. What better way to improve your outlook than cleaning your windows?! Literally right? I’m reminded of the viral internet anecdote about the woman with the new neighbors who are always hanging up dirty laundry to dry in the backyard. This bothers her and she blames them for not using a good detergent. Well then her husband cleans their windows and suddenly her neighbor’s laundry is bright and clearly spick and span. A moral lesson about tending to our to our own responsibilities and sticking to maintaining our own “dirty laundry” in life. 

So, after Lake’s breakfast Monday morning he watched me spring to action. After months of pervasive worry, my window washing endeavor turned out to be a super quick and easy work. The mummy hack? Cloth diapers from the service. No waste. No streaks! And I got a nice vigorous workout. Afterwards it felt uplifting and satisfying to be able to see clearly with a fresh perspective. 

Home Front

We have been very domestic these past few weeks since returning from San Francisco. News from the home front has been scarce. I’ve been concentrating my efforts mostly on the myriad administrative duties related to securing our new family foundations. A house. An au pair.  A kitten. The important stuff in life! Okay, mostly the house and the au pair. We haven’t done much on the kitten front besides generate some quality kitten names: Lord Ouf Boef, New Kitty, Nuky… Let us know if you have a good one! Meanwhile we are already full to brimming with condo, cats and kiddo. 

Lake is getting so big, it’s a solid endeavor for him just to keep pace. It’s all I can do to keep up, too! I think I have more cravings now than when I was pregnant… especially for that Full Tilt vegan pumpkin spice ice cream (gotta get back there!)! He keeps me busy since he’s still 100% mummy-milk powered. He’s weighing in at over a substantial 16 pounds now. 

Nice work Lake! Nice work mummy! Chin up… we are making genuine progress on the home front! It’s going to all come together soon and it’s going to be well worth the effort.