First Flight

Who flies in a storm? Lake the Adventurer does! Our first flight, and we are aiming to fly to San Francisco to visit our cousins!

Here we go!
So exciting to check in our infant flyer! Then our flight is delayed two hours. So we set up our sprawling family encampment. We have lived together long enough now to have developed some favorite accessories, our trusty tools of the trade. Thanks to some unsuspecting friends we have the trusty waterproof flannel mat handmade by Katie, the JellyCat zebra from cousin Steve’s family. Lake also can’t get enough of his blankie, this green and gold silk ikat shawl I’ve had for ages. I think I may have gotten it at the old home furnishings store in the Wallingford Center before they closed their brick and mortar location, but I really can’t remember. At any rate we left home at 8:30 this morning to take the bus and light rail to the airport and all along the way Lake attracts a ton of attention due to his magnetic cuteness. He’s bright eyed and alert, making friends and taking names. 

Sporty little squirt! Intrepid traveler!

Our flight is delayed again and again. No worries! Lake is happy to hang out in the airport terminal indefinitely. No boredom, frustration, impatience or anxiety for him!

As we pass the time, our conversation drifts to “Ouf Bouf,” the prospective name of a flat-faced Exotic Shorthair kitten we fancied at the Portland cat show we checked out last year. This is Michael’s favorite breed, but I’d always found them a bit ugly. Well, I fell for this litter of kittens instantly. 

Flashback to March 13, 2016: kitten love

For a while we were saving up for the big Exotic Shorthair kitten splurge, but then all the cash went towards laundry money and the kitty jar is long since empty. Now that we’ve just put an offer in on a home in the Thompson’s University Addition neighborhood, the kitten acquisition may be resurfacing. That was the deal: a nice family home for me and as many cats as my husband wants! And Michael sure does love cats, especially the Exotic Shorthair! Mr. Cat, Mr. Silky and dear readers, stay tuned!

For now, Lake, prepare for your first flight! Take off is eminent!

San Francisco, here we come!