Tonight we watched Jason Reitman’s Juno (2007) with Ellen Page on the homemade big screen. She’s a savvy 16 year old who’s not so savvy about the reproductive precautions and becomes instantly pregnant. It’s a sweet and poignant film that’s upbeat and quirky and I still managed to cry my way through it. The raw emotions are apparently still so fresh. 

October 2016

Lake is coming up on five months old this Saturday.  It seems like an absolute lifetime since he was born. This film, however, reminded me it has actually been less than five months ago. A lifetime.  But… not so long. 

March 2016

It reminded me of my longing for a baby. Oh, how I wanted with such aching. It reminded me of being pregnant. Oh, how I loved it. The two of us always together. Feeling my baby so intimately moving around inside his home, me. As I watched the film’s treatment of these phases for Juno and the adoptive hopefuls, it integrated the past with the present. These very distinctive and very different phases. Almost forgotten but not at all forgotten. Each phase so powerful and emotional and beautiful. And huge, larger than life, but dwarfed by Lake’s birth. They were suddenly being brought back to life and the vivid feelings of the past joined with the present moment. And I cried with overwhelming gratitude. Quite a film; quite a life!

Present moment