San Francisco 

Lake was absolutely having the time of his life. Literally, he had never laughed so hard in his life as yesterday evening. We were staying with my cousins in San Francisco for a long weekend. His second cousin Sofia, who is four and a half, was regaling him with gales of laughter… and he was keeping up! Her antics included, but were not limited to, a big pink plush bunny and sparkling pink fairy wings. Hilarity ensued; they could not stop laughing. They had so much fun!

Sofia in action at the California Academy of Sciences

Lake enjoyed spending time with 2 year old Samuel too. Both siblings were very attentive and patient with Lake. It was great to have some good solid cousin time!

We went on a few adventures while we were in town in spite of the unusually rainy weather. It was endlessly charming to take in all the row houses. And the vegetation is quintessentially California coastal, smelling so fresh and aromatic with the Bay Laurels and Eucalyptus. We peeked at the Pacific Ocean in the height of the storm on Sunday. We really felt the wind and watched the crashing surf. 

Whee! Windy excitement!
San Francisco Zoo

We checked out the city’s zoo and admired their handsome heard of giraffes. We exclaimed over the fuzzy koala ears. Lake even rode on the carousel with the big cousins! This visit to San Francisco has been eye popping!

Golden Gate Park: dwarfed by the sights
Golden Gate Bridge: Lake saw the must see
Pacific Ocean sunset glow over the Bay Area


Bye bye Bay Area! We had such a great time! We look forward to coming again soon! 

P.S. Now that we have arrived home, it is safe to say: Lake is a champion traveler. He shed not a single tear on either flight!