Our little ginger has been continuously sick since the moment he touched foot in his daycare on November 17th for an hour long trial visit. The most recent iteration includes a lovely viral conjunctivitis wherein Lake wakes up every morning with his eyes glued shut. Hopefully the five day course is running itself out any moment now. 

Michael and I have an active debate about if and how breast milk squirted in the eye might be helpful for this condition. Enthusiasts seem to promulgate the utility of breast milk as the panacea of therapeutics. My husband is a huge skeptic. I’ve just got to report that it’s a lot more challenging to get any breast milk near Lake’s eyes than one might imagine. But I’ve also got to admit that amongst cries of protest, head turning and hands that are clearly against the idea, I’ve tried. How can you not with a face that looks like this?

Yesterday we finally got around to opening our Christmas stockings on New Years Eve Day. Among other things, Santa had brought Michael a ginger root.

Lake immediately took to that ginger root and began gnawing on it. Combined with the breast milk elixir, it surely stimulated his vis …

First, a taste

Secondly, a visual inspection

Lastly, ginger joy!

It’s inspiring to experience Lake’s unfazed joie de vivre in the face of the most undesirable circumstances. Blinded, snotty, sick teething and smiling! And with such radiance and trusting curiosity. 

Open hearted Explorer!

Happy New Year, little Ginger! You light up my life! May health and happiness embrace you and your loved ones on this Perfect Day and in all the days of the year to come!

Cheers to 2017!