Carkeek Park Holiday 

Carkeek Park Holiday 
It’s nice here at home, but what about a walk?

Are you up for it Jo?

I promised her nice dry streets for today’s walk, so she could wear her city shoes if she wanted, but we ended up going off-road. We inadvertently found some pretty muddy trails! And then to the sandy beach! Jo is learning to take my estimations with a grain of salt, I think. 

But what a wintery vista of the Sound and the Olympics
Lake getting to know his new best friend!
I think she forgave me the muddy shoes. Such a nice walk, a beautiful view, and a happy adventurous baby. And so… what a perfect day! Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for your inspirational leadership. We have relished your holiday today and together aspire to be strong role models of Love for Lake. 

We ensconce Lake with our heart

Polar Cat

Yesterday morning Mr. Cat darted outside into the frost blanketed world that is our backyard. Yes, we now have a backyard and he knows about it. So far the icy weather has not cooled his enthusiasm for making a break for it at any opportunity. Mr. Cat must be part Polar bear. Intrepid Polar Cat. 

[imagine the photo; he was too sneaky and too fast]

Not Mr. Silky. He’s a sun seeker. 

And more like a beached seal. Though he’s offended at my comparison. 

Lake is cozily enjoying his arctic feline friends. 

The kitties stayed home marooned on their bed “iceberg”. We went out for an afternoon adventure: our first walk to and around Greenlake since moving to our new location. We walked down to and around a frozen Greenlake with Nana and Grandpa! Frozen like the arctic sea ice… Grandpa kept Nana from skating out onto the ice with Lake. Grandpa is Lake’s lifeguard… quite literally!

Safe in Mummy’s arms: all worn out from a wonderful day!