New York, New York

We are thrilled that this week brings us Jo! She is currently en route from Germany and will arrive in Seattle this evening. She spent the past few days getting oriented to the States and exploring New York. Her photos she’s allowing me to share here convey a feeling of energy and excitement that I think we are all feeling in the anticipation of her arrival. We are looking forward to welcoming her!

Brrr. It’s cold out there! While Portland and Spokane are getting buried in snow we are having our share of cold wintery weather. Full moon over Seattle tonight. Crisp. Clear. Beautiful…  A handsome introduction to Lake’s hometown. Cozy room with a soft bed awaits, Jo. We hope you feel right at home. 

A soft landing pad

And plenty of kitties for cuddles!

Mr. Cat gently snoring away

Oh yeah, and the reason behind it all… Lake will be so happy to meet you!

Shown here with his friend Miranda… he loves long hair!