Bulimic Boy

It’s really nice that Jo brings Lake to me for his lunch. We get to bond and we both eat our meals together. He gets good-for you breastmilk and I get to keep up my milk supply without pumping. It’s been going swimmingly never a hitch. Well, Lake must have thought it was time to mix things up a bit. Today after eating and sleeping beautifully for 59 minutes straight, Lake took the opportunity for in the 60th moment to throw it all back up. All over me

I was sitting in the biggest puddle of puke imaginable. That little guy can really tank up! Then, unfortunately all our hard work regurgitated back up. At least when Mr. Cat does the same thing he thinks nothing of licking it back up off the floor. Not Lake. He just smiles and flirts and carries on like all is perfect. Then I get to go back to work for my second half. Luckily we have scrubs. I stop by the bathroom on my way in from lunch, throw out my jeans, don a pair of scrubs and a smile. 

Home sweet home and all clean with a sleeping babe… a perfect day!

Catfish Baby Party

Lake is eight months old now! We had quite a baby party to celebrate. Well, life with Lake is all one big baby party if you’re open to it. He’s always up for a chat and a song and a smile. We pulled out the merman fish tail for the occasion. And had some fun with the whole family!

Lake is learning to be more mobile and manifest his ideas. He’s getting more comfortable in the crawl position. He’s a ton of fun and the life of our party!