TVLHS for Infants

At dinner recently Michael and I got to talking about one of our favorite subjects: Lake. He actually had already gone to bed. And incidentally he’s been sleeping through the night all week now… about ten hours. It’s a great feeling! So, we got to talking about how remarkably happy he is in general, which you may have noticed is all the time

Michael loves a scale for quantification and classification. Therefore he invented the Tolle VanLaanen Happiness Scale: for infants. Exclusion criteria are greater than 12 months and cats. It’s a 0-3 point scale. 

0: no happiness 

1: lowest 5th percentile 

2: middle 85% normal distribution 

3: highest 5th percentile 

Lake is a perfect 3.

We are so blessed!

Pajama Days

Pajama days. Pajama daze. First it was pajama Friday, then it was pajama Sunday. Mummy has been sick. Lake’s fashion cred has taken a hit. Or has it? Maybe he’s just rocking a few new looks. He’s such a good sport. He doesn’t mind. He’s all smiles!

Lake wearing his pink pajamas to school Friday
Lake’s Sunday leisure wear: pajamas with cardigan and Converse