Sans Bébé

This morning marks my first official day going to work without my Bébé. I’m 

  • Eating instead of feeding 
  • Running instead of walking 
  • Relaxed instead of gushing with emotion 

Who do I share the pretty views with? I miss his curious alert blue eyes. His charming smile, his affable character, and the way wherever he goes, he leaves friends in his wake. 

He’s home with a good crew: Daddy, Jo, Nana, and Grandpa. Most of the crew will be involved in bringing Lake to me at lunchtime for our midday meal and cozy bonding time (which, turns out, our rendezvous worked out well).

All reports are positive of our new family dynamic. Michael reportedly heard Jo changing Lake’s nappy this morning while talking to him in German. This warms my heart to have German being spoken in the home again. Nana and Grandpa reported Jo was great with Lake, very patient. That’s reassuring and refreshing! And when I arrived to have lunch with Lake he was happily smiling from his perch in the Baby Björn. Jo navigates that carrier like a seasoned professional. She took him for a walk around Greenlake this morning before it started to rain. Good times! 

Warm bois
Yea, we match… so whaddya gonna do?