Pair of Au Pairs

We are über super fortunate as it turns out… Not only do we have Jo, but Jo has another au pair friend from Germany living just four blocks from us. And this au pair, her name is Rafaela, is taking care of another baby even. Her baby girl is just two months younger than Lake. Rafaela is a lot of fun and she and Jo get along really well. And the babies are thus also getting acquainted. It’s really cute! Today they got together as they often do to take the babies out for a walk in the fresh air. Sometimes they meet up at Greenlake. First they played a bit here at home before walking to the University Village. So I finally got to meet Rafaela and Piper. So sweet! We had a good visit. Come again, neighbors! We are so happy to be friends. 

The pair of au pairs with their babes.
Piper and Lake