Sitting Pretty

Lake is sitting up now for a minute at a time! He is gaining more steadiness. He will still topple over after a bit, but it’s like watching slow motion. He can move around pretty well too with his inchworm maneuver. 

Daddy was watching him for a long stretch this evening and said it was like witnessing the birth of greed and destruction in man. The way he would motor around the room after things that caught his eye, grab them and yell while shaking them to bits. Then on to the next one. I showed up just as his eye caught sight of Mr. Cat. 

This video doesn’t exist
​Boy, was he having fun though! Pretty soon he’ll be standing, walking running!

Catch as Catch Can

Errands with Nana today! In the Baby Björn for Lake. With some time for playing together at the beginning and the end. Happy Weekend!

When Lake and Daddy play, Lake has so much fun. Tonight they were playing “screech conversation” whereby they take turns screeching and yelping, and making other variations on delighted outbursts. Back and forth with each other so merrily. Catching a laugh intermittently for punctuation.