Giraffe Jungle 

Lake really likes giraffes. They are among his favorite toys. Ever since he was a few weeks old. Well, as Michael points out he only has the choice of what we offer him. He doesn’t know how much he might enjoy the aardvark. He might prefer the anteater if he’d met one. 

As it stands though, giraffes are his friends. Yesterday we had a scare that we had lost one, the Sofie. We were having a lovely Thai dinner at Krua Thai Family Kitchen just north of the University Village after opting not to wait 75 minutes for a table at the Taiwanese sensation Din Tai Fung and walking the half mile on. Lake was eating the whole walk then part of while we settled in. He even fell asleep. When he woke up though, he hD some impish energy afoot. He got ahold of the paper napkin and began consuming wads of it. After a brace and successful finger sweeep, we went to dig out Sofie. Only the prince was discovered in the backpack. We were all set to retrace our route to recover her when we looked down to pick up the recently dropped prince plushy. 

He had carried it with him all the way from the changing tables at the U Village until he had fallen asleep at the restaurant! Strong little gripper! He likes his jungle of giraffes and takes good care of his friends. 

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